Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Friends or No Friends

Friends are something everyone has. Some may say they have no friends, but that is a lie. No matter how unpopular you are, you always have some sort of friend.

Be it your family, a teacher, another kid in the class, the girl that lives next door, or the awesome hobo on the street corner. A personal experience I can relate to thinking I have ‘no friends’ was back in 8th grade.

In 8th grade, I was a new kid, new to the school, and fairly new to public school. I only knew 3 people there, and I didn’t have any of them in my classes. I went through the year as the reject kid, as you might describe, no-one was really a good friend to me, but even still I had people I could go to.

For instance my Math and Social Studies teachers, they were always glad to talk to me and help in any way, be it academic or psychological. Over time I earned small friendships with some of the other smarter kids in the class, others that weren’t highly respected because they were ‘smarter’ than others.

I made it through 8th grade to go into high school, which ended up being here, in Early College, because of my friend, Mrs. Corbett, my Social Studies teacher. Sometimes I think if I hadn’t known her more personally, I would never of had the opportunity to come to this school.

Friends, true or not?

Friendship is a wonderful thing. It can be the thing that reaches down to get you out of the depths of despair.

But when friendship goes wrong it can be crushing. One minute someone is your best friend the next you are yelling and beating each other’s faces into a pulp.

It is the people who will apologize, forgive you, and forget who are your true friends. Even if you cannot work your problems out and still be friends if the other person does not talk junk behind your back and make an enemy of you, you can tell that they do really care about you.

what is a friend

what exactly is a friend? a friend is a person who will be there through thick and thin, they will have your back no matter what you do.

A friend wouldn't let you make bad choices and if you happened to make a bad choice,they are still there to have your back. a friend is a person you can talk to about anything no matter what the situation and help you deal with it.

A friend can be your shoulder to cry on, a person that can comfort you in your time of need. a friend loves you no matter what decisions you make and don't let little things break your friendship. so i ask you is your ''friend'' really your friend? - GHOSTIJT